Formed in 2020 as a one-stop platform to serve small business owners and help them manage their unique digital risks, Periculus views risk differently.  To our core, we believe that on the other side of risk is opportunity.  And while we respect the threats and potential financial impact of them on your business, it is not in our DNA to fear them. 

As insurance, risk management, services, and technology professionals – and former business owners, too – we have seen a lot.  We understand what you’re going through as a leader.  We recognize you’re busy.  And we appreciate we’re not experts in your line of work.  We are, however, experts in ours: understanding the digital risks that can knock your business off course (and how to help build resilience to rise above them).  It’s expertise you can trust.

We encourage you to use the assessment – it’s free.  But take a deeper dive and understand your risks and the Services available to help you manage them.  Explore your insurance options for an extra layer of protection.  What would normally take days or weeks of research and meetings and waiting, we’ve reduced to a few clicks.  Periculus has removed the guesswork so you can focus on what you do best: growing your business.

Through collaborative, transparent dialog and a culture of service, empathy, and inclusivity, Periculus has leveled the playing field for small business owners, bringing enterprise-level tools to Main Street, worldwide.  Because above all, Periculus is about a feeling – of being free to be fearless in the face of risk, inspired to innovate, and determined to rise and thrive.  Together.

Your future is now.  And it deserves nothing less.  It’s time to #RiseAboveRisk

Will you join us?


We exist to help businesses gain the freedom to be
fearless, to grow and to innovate by helping protect their
brands, people and profits from digital risk.


From Main Street to Wall Street and beyond,
we see businesses becoming thriving communities
by embracing the digital economy and seizing the
opportunities that a secure and resilient ecosystem provides.


Transparency through every phase of our process, acting as allies for and partners with our customers

Simplicity in developing and delivering solutions to our clients

Advocacy for the business ecosystem that forms the backbone of our economy

Empathy for the journey business owners are on, and the highs and lows that come with it

Inclusivity in access and equity

Our Team

Mark Lowers

President & Chief Executive Officer, 
Periculus & Lowers Risk Group

In addition to serving as President and Chief Executive Officer for Periculus & Lowers Risk Group, Mark is also President of Lowers & Associates, a firm specializing in risk mitigation, international risk management, and loss prevention services for insurance companies, banks, the cash-in-transit industry, and other financial institutions. He has served in this capacity since 2004. Prior to launching Lowers & Associates, Mark served as President and CEO of AMSEC International, a global security organization based in Winchester, Virginia. In his more than two decades as leader of the organization, he oversaw its expansion from a physical security systems installer to a multinational player in risk management.

Danielle Kaminski

Chief Operating Officer

Bringing 25 years of experience as outside counsel for insurance-based clients, and as a senior executive of a global loss adjusting and technical services business, Danielle has worked closely with small business owners, representing their interests in a wide-range of claims. Understanding that growth and expansion goes hand-in-hand with digital risk, Danielle joined the Periculus team to bring enterprise-level resources to entrepreneurs and level the playing field. For her, “Rise above Risk” means the opportunity for any SMB to gain knowledge, tools, protection, and ultimately peace of mind to focus on what’s really important – the growth of their business.

Joe Scarlato

Chief Strategy Officer

After selling a start-up at the age of 15 and going on to serve as CFO of a sports apparel company, Joe has spent the last 20 years as a forensic accountant in the insurance industry specializing in Business Interruption insurance. His vision is for Periculus to help small businesses operate like big businesses, giving Main Street the ability to have the protection and awareness of Wall Street.

David Lowers

Chief Technology Officer,
Periculus & Lowers Risk Group

In his role as Chief Technology Officer for Periculus & Lowers Risk Group, David brings proven strategic vision and intuitive leadership to deliver disruptive technologies and solutions to the risk mitigation and background screening industries. His journey to the forefront of the security and background screening industry began in 1980 when he founded American Security Services Corporation. David’s unique perspective and knowledge-base as an entrepreneur, combined with his commitment to customer service and innovation, allows him to occupy a unique role at LRG as a change agent in the rapidly evolving world of insurtech where applied technology must improve process and efficiency for the business – and its customers.

Grant Mizel

Director, Data & Analytics

Raised by two small business-owner parents, Grant has firsthand knowledge of what a thriving Main Street means to the larger economy. And after years as a forensic accountant and data analyst, he became a product owner and director himself with the launch of the Stratis program. He wants Periculus to disrupt the fear and misinformation that surround cyber risk, so businesses feel safe participating in today’s digital economy.

Head of Product Development

Jim has spent 30 years in the software industry as a developer, project manager, and consultant, leading project teams in developing niche applications and international enterprise software installations for start-ups, and for large companies customizing their mature platforms. As a kid working in his dad’s shoe repair shop, he learned that serving their customers’ needs was the key to a successful business, and knows that rising above risk means business owners can spend their time focusing on exactly that.

Bryan Munson

Director, Marketing

After spending time in the entertainment, food & beverage, non-profit, and purchasing industries, Bryan has brought his marketing skills in leading business development, sales, partnerships, experiential activations and communications planning to help disrupt the insurance industry. He believes Periculus can change the perception of digital risk, and empower current and future generations of entrepreneurs to usher in new ideas and innovations that benefit us all.

Jessica Taylor

Project Manager

With 25 years of leadership experience in the non-profit and service sectors under her belt, Jessica joined Lowers Risk Group first as a research analyst before moving onto client services. She believes Periculus will help business owners move forward with confidence, with the knowledge that protection and risk management are already in place.

Chief Adviser

Matthew Lowers

Founder and President, 
Wholesale Screening Solutions 
Board Executive

As founder and president of Wholesale Screening Solutions, Matthew leads one of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies. He oversees the day to day operations for Wholesale Screening, including human capital, vendor management, process management, and client services. Under his leadership, Wholesale Screening joined Lowers Risk Group in being named to the Inc. 5000 list for seven consecutive years starting in 2014 when the company ranked #1116. In 2016, the company earned its highest ranking at #480, launching into the Inc. 500