Who We Are

Periculus is a one-stop-shop created to level the playing field for small business owners who want to keep their data – and their customer’s data – safe from prying eyes.  We are not an IT team.  We are not website designers.  We are experts in helping business owners understand digital risks like ransomware, phishing, and identity theft, the impact these risks can have on your business, and provide specific tools and insurance to manage them. 


We exist to help businesses gain the freedom to be fearless, to grow, and to innovate in the face of digital risk.

Why We Do This

Through collaborative, transparent dialog and a culture of service, the Periculus team and our valued partners envision thriving communities of business owners around the world, ready to seize the opportunity technology and the digital economy provide.  In doing this, we can – and we will together – create more secure, inclusive, and resilient local economies where people, brands, and profits are safe from digital risk.


Transparency through every phase of our process, acting as allies and partners for our customers

for the business ecosystem that forms the backbone of our economy

for the journey business owners are on, and the highs and lows that come with it

Our Team

Mark Lowers

Chief Executive Officer 
Periculus, Lowers Risk Group

Mark has dedicated his career to risk management, evolving along with – and often ahead of – the industry. As an international authority on risk management for over 30 years, Mark is a published author on risk management, mitigation, and security issues. Under his guidance, Lowers Risk Group has grown and diversified from offering enterprise risk consulting into a technology-forward company helping clients build brighter, more resilient futures through strategic risk management. He envisions a future where Periculus uses its unique capabilities to help small businesses grow through a better understanding of their risk profile.

Danielle Kaminski


Danielle represented the interests of business owners in contract disputes, property damage claims, and other insurance-related matters for more than 25 years before joining Periculus. Understanding the small and medium-sized business (SMB) perspective, and the connection between growth and digital risk, she is now on a mission to use enterprise-level resources to level the playing field. She encourages customers to use the knowledge, tools, and protection available through Periculus to gain peace of mind, “Rise Above Risk,” and get back to focusing on what’s important – the growth of their business.

Joe Scarlato

Chief Strategy Officer

After selling a start-up at the age of 15 and going on to serve as CFO of a sports apparel company, Joe has spent the last 20 years as a forensic accountant in the insurance industry specializing in Business Interruption insurance. His vision is for Periculus to help small businesses operate like big businesses, giving Main Street the ability to have the protection and awareness of Wall Street.

David Lowers

Chief Technology Officer,
Periculus & Lowers Risk Group

David has that rare combination of strategic vision and intuitive leadership that results in disruptive solutions. As a small business owner, he learned the value of accessible technology tools and therefore made sure Periculus used responsive web technologies that work from a desktop or a mobile phone. David’s philosophy is that technology should help the end-user focus their time and attention on their core business and customers. Periculus delivers – removing security concerns through trusted remediation and ongoing security by digital security pros.

Sarah Crabtree

General Counsel

As a leader in the risk industry for over 10 years, Sarah knows that for too long legal and risk management services have been tailored to large corporations. She is passionate about Periculus offering affordable protection to Main Street businesses, and the role she plays in helping defend against bad actors and digital risk for our customers.

Grant Mizel

Director, Data & Analytics

Raised by two small business-owner parents, Grant has witnessed the struggle many face: new digital technology delights customers but comes with risk. Addressing that risk has to be balanced with the revenue needed to keep the business running. He knows that data and analytics from Periculus help provide insights that small business owners can’t get otherwise – to plan, strategize, and sleep better at night. When Main Street thrives, the larger economy grows.

Head of Product Development

Jim has spent 30 years in the software industry as a developer, project manager, and consultant, leading project teams in developing niche applications and customizing mature platforms. His experience has shown him how important it is to translate business processes into software solutions. And that’s just what he’s doing for Periculus, pulling on our deep understanding of our customer’s businesses, environments, and goals to create solutions that drive security and growth.

Jean-Michel Brunet

Lead Developer

Jean-Michel began studying computer science when he was 15. With over a decade of professional experience developing software for ecommerce, various government sectors, FinTech, and InsurTech, he brings a true entrepreneurial spirit to Periculus. Inspired by his son who suffers from food allergies, Jean-Michel once owned a cookie business whose products did not include any of the top eight food allergens. Knowing first-hand the challenges SMBs face, he’s committed to building digital solutions that are easy to use, adaptable, and applicable to the real world. In his role as Lead Developer, he believes applications that are maintainable, scalable, secure, and extensible can provide the security and peace of mind every SMB is looking for in the modern world.

Bryan Munson

Director, Marketing

Bryan’s previous work with small business owners, franchisees, and independent contractors in the entertainment, food & beverage, non-profit, and purchasing industries brings a diversified understanding of small businesses and their needs to the team. Educating and empowering entrepreneurs to launch their businesses, as well as providing them access new innovations and tools without the constraints of digital risk, is a top priority for Bryan and the Marketing team.

Jack Edgemond

Sales Representative

As the youngest child of entrepreneurial parents, Jack has first-hand experience understanding the challenges of managing a small business. For over 20 years, the family landscaping company has served as a constant in Jack’s life. When the family launched a new winery 4 years ago, Jack stepped in to provide hands-on marketing support. Seeing how each business serves the local community in unique ways inspired Jack to provide other small businesses access to the same protection afforded to larger enterprises. For Periculus customers, that means helping SMBs proactively understand and combat the cyber threats facing their business. As a Sales Representative, Jack’s blends his real-world experience, Arizona State University education, and a passion for technology to level the playing field for SMBs looking for the security to rise above risk in the digital economy.

Chief Advisor

Matthew Lowers

President, InformData
Board Executive

As part of Lowers Risk Group, Matthew founded and served as President of Wholesale Screening Solutions for nearly 13 years. During his tenure, Wholesale was named one of the nation’s fasted-growing companies for seven years in a row by Inc. Magazine. In 2021, Matthew joined InformData as President, overseeing all revenue initiatives, including the Sales, Account Management, Customer Service, and Business Development teams. He brings extensive operational and process management expertise to Periculus as a key Board Member and Executive Advisor.