Merchants Information Solutions, a leading identity theft and data breach risk management firm, will provide bundled solutions for Periculus customers, helping SMBs protect their business with proactive tools and turn-key incident response resources.

Purcellville, VA – October 4, 2021 (PRNewswire) – Periculus, a technology platform that simplifies access to tailored cyber insurance and digital risk management tools for small-to-medium sized businesses (“SMBs”), announced today its partnership with Merchants Information Solutions (MIS). Designed to level the playing field and help SMBs gain access to enterprise digital risk mitigation tools, the partnership comes as Periculus launches its initial subscription-based services offering to the retail marketplace. 

MIS has a deep history of providing support to small business owners, having evolved from a regional credit bureau in the 1910’s to now being one of the leading ID theft and data breach risk management firms in the United States. As a Periculus services partner, MIS will provide tailored packages of enterprise-quality services and proactive risk management tools for SMBs based on the business’s specific information security needs. Incorporating Pre-Data Breach services such as VPN encryption, domain monitoring, and an employee phishing awareness tool, Periculus customers can get ahead of the many digital risks SMBs face at a competitive price point. The Data Breach Response Planning and Notification services within the MIS offering also provide business owners critical support when managing a data breach event, including a professional Recovery Advocate to help handle the research, documentation, and other requirements to resolve all forms of identity theft.  

“We’re thrilled to be able to offer Merchant’s suite of services to the Periculus customer, especially in a time where ransomware is on the rise,” Mark Lowers, founder of Lowers Risk Group and CEO of Periculus, said.  “The threat environment changes so quickly, and security policies and procedures are not keeping up. Together, Periculus and MIS will help SMBs manage and respond to changing regulations and risk, keeping the vibrant communities they serve safe and secure.”

“The fact is that hackers have intensified their focus on SMBs with the latest in a new generation of cyber-attacks,” said Russ Johnson, President and CEO of Merchants Information Solutions. “Most SMBs are not prepared to respond to a hacking and/or data breach event and typically lack the resources to make informed decisions on security. We recognize that the traditional way of managing cyber risk and compliance has fallen short for most SMBs, and we believe the Periculus model is going to provide SMBs a way to level up to ensure their business is protected.”

With cyber threats and attacks no longer just a technology risk but a business risk, Periculus’ partnership with MIS will allow SMBs to achieve their data breach risk management goals. Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC) are very real challenges that every SMB faces, but the Periculus and MIS ecosystem will allow SMBs to actively and transparently manage their GRC objectives.

“The pandemic has left even the most prepared businesses challenged to respond to cyber-risk and data breach events,” said Mark Pribish, VP & ID Theft Practice Leader at Merchants Information Solutions.  “Managing cyber risk needs to be reinvented and Periculus – through its partnership with MIS – offers a proactive approach combined with a response and recovery solution that will make SMBs more prepared and resilient.”

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Merchants Information Solutions, founded over a century ago, is a pioneer in affordable consumer and business Identity Theft solutions. Through its industry-leading SmartIDentity and SmartIDentity for Business line of products Merchants protects the identities of over 13 million consumers and businesses each day. Merchants is one of less than 5% of all Identity Theft solution providers to offer full-managed recovery, the gold standard in identity restoration. 

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