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Understand your unique cyber risks.

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Using Mastercard’s best-in-class Cyber Quant assessment, Periculus Cyber evaluates your cyber risks.

By spending 10 minutes answering questions about your business, we are able to score the level of risk that your business faces, quantify the potential financial impact to your business in the event of a cyber incident, prioritize your digital assets according to those most at risk of exposure, and provide a remediation plan with the key actions that you can change to shore up critical weaknesses.

The Cyber Risk Assessment analyzes your responses in tandem with various data sources to determine your company’s unique risk levels when it comes to attackers and their methods – from malware to phishing to weak passwords – and evaluates the strength of your current security measures.

Using the Cyber Risk Assessment report and our dashboard, you can explore and purchase tailored cyber security solutions and cyber insurance, securing your business and providing you peace of mind.

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Cyber Risk


You’ll receive your company’s unique Risk Score and a detailed Cyber Risk report:
  • Your organization’s overall cybersecurity risk profile
  • Security gaps report
  • An estimate of the financial impact your risks can have
  • A personalized remediation plan and recommendations

Use your Cyber Risk Assessment to create your cyber remediation plan – and reduce your risk.

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    Quantify the Risk

    Get a numeric score for your risk of threat actors and attack methods.
  • Periculus-Cyber-Icon-Diagnostic


    Assess the maturity of your current security controls to plan for improved security.
  • Periculus-Cyber-Icon-Actionable


    Identify actions to reduce risk and improve your security posture.
  • Periculus-Cyber-Icon-Strategic


    Gain insight into the value of cybersecurity. Consider both the security impact and ROI of each new investment.
  • Periculus-Cyber-Icon-Ongoing


    Monitor risk exposure to evolve with the changing landscape.
Ready to Rise Above Risk?