Powered by Mastercard’s CyberQuant and led by former executives from EY, Charles Taylor, and Cytegic, the new platform is uniquely designed to protect SMBs from growing digital risk by enabling them to assess, quantify, prioritize, and transfer cyber risk.

13 July 2021 – Purcellville, VA – International risk management company Lowers Risk Group (LRG) announced today the formation and launch of Periculus, a new company that will simplify the management of digital risk for small-to-medium sized businesses.  

Initially serving the sub-$100 million market, Periculus is LRG’s first insurtech offering and provides subscribers access to quantitative, continuous risk assessments, insurance and service partner solutions, education, and a community of like-minded entrepreneurs requiring help with digital risk management. The Periculus ecosystem brings about a new way for businesses to acquire insurance and cyber services with an integrated offering that will allow business owners to gain the freedom to thrive in today’s digital economy.

“We recognize digital and cyber risk is a significant threat for small-business owners,” said Mark Lowers, co-founder and CEO of Lowers Risk Group.  “But the promise of the modern digital economy represents enormous opportunity for SMBs everywhere.  Periculus – and insurtech specifically – is an important part of LRG’s future and our continued commitment to protecting people, brands and profits.”

Periculus is led by COO Danielle Kaminski, who joined Periculus from Charles Taylor where she served as SVP of Commercial Operations and Acting General Counsel.  Now rebranded as Mastercard’s CyberQuant, this assessment tool is a key part of the Periculus risk analytics tech stack enabling both the insurance industry and business owners to understand and quantify their digital risk exposure.

“Our job is to make managing digital risk simple,” Kaminski said.  Our goal with Periculus is to help change the way cyber insurers, service providers and SMBs look at and approach digital risk management.  We can – and we will – enable businesses to realize the amazing benefits of the digital economy while minimizing the risks this ecosystem creates.”

“During the pandemic, as many businesses and individuals became more digitally connected and dependent, we also became more aware and exposed to the vast array and widespread nature of cyber threats,” Danielle said.  “I am excited to work with Periculus to provide businesses with a digital risk platform to protect their brands, people, and profits from these risks.”

“Having been deeply immersed at the intersection of insurtech and digital risk management, what excited me most about Periculus is the opportunity to empower both enterprises and SMBs to make sense of digital risk through our industry-first, integrated solution,” Lowers said.  “Robust and affordable cyber insurance and security solutions have always been out of reach, complex and costly for SMBs. Periculus is solving this problem by creating a more inclusive ecosystem with transparency and access to the appropriate digital risk solutions needed to protect businesses. Our integrated, dynamic offering and embedded distribution opportunities are a game changer for both Main Street and Wall Street.”

Periculus is currently offering interested SMBs the opportunity to understand their cyber risk posture, quantify related potential financial impacts, and access uniquely tailored cyber insurance and cyber security services. In parallel, Periculus is collaborating with non-insurance distribution channels to offer customers an embedded Periculus turn-key solution. 

Additional digital risk management, analytics and distribution will be announced in the coming weeks.  For more, visit www.periculus.com

About Periculus

Periculus makes managing digital risk simple. Its integrated platform offers access to purchase powerful cyber insurance and cyber security solutions uniquely tailored to fit the needs of every business, including risk assessments, security services, insurance partners, policies, services, insights, and education.  On the other side of the risks that arise from the connected world, there’s opportunity to grow and thrive. Periculus unlocks those possibilities by taking risk off the worry list. Don’t get knocked off course. Rise Above Risk.

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